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The Team

The Perlson lab is committed to educating the next generation of researchers with a focus on scientific excellence.

We are proud of our research team and their scientific achievements.

Join our team!
Want to be part of a dedicated team driven by
curiosity and pure passion for science? 
You might be exactly whom we are looking for!

We are looking for enthusiastic and highly motivated graduate students and Post-docs.
  Interested candidates, please send a mail with cv to Eran Perlson,  


Prof. Eran Perlson

Principle Investigator

Eran did his Ph.D in Prof. Mike Faiezilber's lab at the Weizmann institute working on retrograde injury signalling in neurons and completed his postdoctoral training in Prof. Erika Holzbaur's lab at University of Pennsylvania working on axonal transport and neurodegeneration.


Mrs. Tal Gradus-Pery

Associate researcher and lab manager

Tal did her B.Sc in biotechnology engineering in Ort braude, and worked for 6 years in laboratories at the Weizmann institute and Tel-Hashomer Hospital.Tal is now incharge of lab administration as is an active research associate.


Dr. Topaz Altman

Ph.D. and MD candidate

Topaz completed his Ph.D. focusing on the impact of mitochondrial function on NMJs and their involvement in the specific susceptibility of motor neurons in ALS disease. Now, Topaz serves as a lab consultant, offering assistance to students and lab projects on molecular mechanisms of neurodegeneration. 

Lior ankol-01-01.jpg

Mrs. Lior Ankol

Ph.D. candidate

Lior is studying the role of miRNA-126-5p in motor neurons degeneration and regeneration process in ALS disease. 


Ms. Ruilei Cheng

Ph.D. candidate

Ruilei is investigating retrograde stress signals in ALS disease. 

Ms. Mira Assad

Ph.D. candidate

Mira is using humanized iPSC-derived motor neuron-muscle co-culture to study the mechanisms of axon and NMJ degeneration.  

anand small.jpg
Mr. Anand Ganapathy Subramaniam

Ph.D. candidate

Anand is Ph.D. student working on molecular mechanisms of local protein synthesis in ALS disease. 

Ms. Ori Bar-Avi

MSc  candidate

Ori is studying mechanisms of axonal transport in ALS 

WhatsApp Image 2024-01-02 at 13.26.37.jpeg
Mr. Yoav Niv

M.Sc. candidate

Yoav is studying the role of mir126 in ALS disease 

Mr. Daniel Segal

PhD candidate 

Daniel is a Ph.D. student working on mechanisms of RNA axonal transport and localization

Mr. Elias Elias

MD Student  

Elias is a project student studying the role of axonal condensates in ALS disease 

Mr. Daniel Hagendorf

Undergraduate  Student  

Daniel is a project student studying the role of mir126 on axonal degeneration in ALS disease 

WhatsApp Image 2024-01-02 at 17.34.26.jpeg
Dor Hashpia 

MD  Student  

Dor is a project student studying the role of TDP-43 in ALS disease 

Amjd Ibraheem

PhD  Student  

Amjd is a PhD student studying the role of retrograde signaling and TDP-43 in ALS disease 

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